Interiors and Common Areas

Inspiring Spaces for Transformational Ideas


Stand out from the crowd by transforming your office environment with G-Glass. Display useful information or play beautiful dynamic artwork. Whatever will keep your employees producing with creativity, amazement, and inspiration should be at every area of space your office covers. Don’t devalue that rent per square foot by leaving spaces dull and useless. Some examples include displaying company information and announcements or sharing inspiring graphic art or successful stories on boardroom walls and office atria.


In a response to the challenging disruption of internet on brick and mortar retail, shopping centers and department stores are either downsizing or grasping for technology for experiential lifestyle center conversion. Imagine the standard store façade, now a glass media façade that can play a live action commercial and immediately display the exact clothing in the storefront when the lights are off for immediate purchase. The social media retail has exploded in the US due to the desire of immediate attainment when inspired. The new generation will disown luxury but pay exorbitant amounts for an experience. With G-Glass, retailers have an immediate solution to create these augmented reality moments for shoppers and generate traffic that would otherwise be skipped over as they typically bend their heads over their smartphones. Make them look up and be present with G-Glass.


The days of the boring clubhouse for bridal showers and birthday parties are over. The highest rents are with the new generation that seek smaller living spaces and larger communal spaces. Everything from the Vegas style pool parties to the new smart clubhouse that can personalize to the event with names and photos to job/opportunity postings on communal work areas can now be done with one product that has it all:  G-Glass.

The Anywhere Glass Features

Anywhere you currently have large areas of glass could be an opportunity to transform using G-Glass. Speak to a sales representative and brainstorm with us!

Office Interior Information Systems

Samsung Campus Media Wall Seoul.

Media Glass Floors

Museum Flooring - Seoul.

Airport Information Systems

A mock up of the type of information systems that we could install in an airport