Event Rentals

Flexible, dynamic media spaces with G-SPIN, G-Wall, and G-CUBE

Outdoor studios, pop-up shops and cafes, trade show booths and event VIP boxes. All with exciting, dynamic media display.

Tell us your event needs. We’ll show you the ideal G-Glass solution. We can adapt our modular, media-enabled building system for use in almost any temporary building situation, indoors or outdoors. We offer both standard configurations to rent off the shelf, or a bespoke design service for bigger, more complex requirements. 

Keep the content slow moving and modern for the sophisticated event, or go big with flashy color and lights for entertainment, crowd-drawing events. Add interactive to increase your attention, or get really creative and design media display content to interact with what’s behind the glass for a truly augmented reality experience, or “4D” design.

Quick, simple, and mobile with G-SPIN

This self-standing L-shaped structure can be set up in almost any location. You can use the G-SPIN as a section for your DJ, a check-in location, or a step and repeat. The media content could include sponsor logos, advertisements, communication, or graphic art suitable for the event.

Go Full Impact with G-Wall

We can build a media wall into virtually any booth or structure. This can create amazing and impactful displays that really draw people to your show booth. Size is no issue and we can create displays with a minimum of 6 panels, right up to a double-decker set of 12 panels to get full media video capability.

The G-Wall solution allows us to build media glass walls directly into show booths and other temporary structures.

Create your own occupiable space with G-CUBE

You can opt for a bespoke G-CUBE design. Or, we can offer you a number of G-CUBE configurations that we can adapt for your use. Imagine having VIP music artists, protected by glass, but able to have transparency and the feeling of getting to be front stage again with the crowd of fans at a music festival. Imagine a pop up movie promotion in public areas or inside the movie theatre lobby, where the trailer is playing on what seems to be an LED screen, the lights cut off, and suddenly behind the glass is the main scary character as a live actor or mannequin – now that’s augmented reality!