Architecture + Buildings

Invest in G-Glass, Save on Repairs & Maintenance

Current LED light systems are attached to regular glass. The light systems are faulty, require constant maintenance due to full direct exposure to elements, and are dirty and hard to keep clean. G-Glass embeds the micro-LED technology into the glass and seals them, so the system is protected. The only maintenance required is your normal window washing methodology.

A Grand Canvas for your Imagination 

G-SMATT G-Glass allows you to turn your glass façade into a vast canvas. Imagine what you can do to create, amaze, and inspire your community. The content is limited only by your imagination. 

The advent of glass facade construction has enabled the creation of beautiful architecture. Now bring that architecture alive with light and colour with G-SMATT media glass. Use this electronic, construction grade, laminated LED glass product for any glass facade project – without compromising on the transparency or the aesthetic beauty of an architectural design. 

Create media screens from small to hundreds of square feet. Use your G-Glass facade to display artwork, promote your brand, interact with the immediate community, and integrate with smart city infrastructure. 

Don't let your architecture just exist within your urban environment. Create. Amaze. Inspire

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.

George Bernard Shaw

Myungbo Art Hall, Seoul

The directors of Myungbo Art Hall in Seoul wanted a way to reach into the community with their artwork. The hall itself was a rather bland piece of 80’s architecture.

When G-Glass replaced their old facade, Myungbo suddenly lit up with light and magic. Not only could they project their identity out into the community, but they also provided unique opportunities. People could interact with their art with amazement and inspiration.