Our Mission, Our People

Create. Amaze. Inspire.

G-SMATT provides truly transparent, construction-grade glass that comes alive with rich media, allowing you to put moving images on windows, floors, ceilings, and custom structures – essentially anywhere you want to delight and thrill people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce a revolutionary technology that transforms architectural buildings into a powerful storytelling media – disrupting architect design limitations and breaking through developer economic limitations.  Our exclusive product will open up possibilities to create, amaze and inspire, using building storytelling, which can unlock untapped real estate value. That’s why we invented G-Glass. We want to be the solution for you to change cities forever.

Our People

G-SMATT is a South Korean company based in Seoul. Our revolutionary media glass product is developed and manufactured at our production facilities in Seoul, Korea. We are a global company with offices in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, North America and Europe (UK). Since launching our commercial product in 2013, the company has undergone rapid growth and now has an annual revenue worldwide of over $90M. G-SMATT America Co. Ltd. launched in July 2017 and is headquartered in Los Angeles.

G-SMATT America Co. Ltd.

G-SMATT America has assembled an experienced senior leadership team. Each brings a combination of financial, real estate, and design focus to our exciting technology. 

Dr. Ho Joon Lee


Ho Joon has a D.Phil in Molecular Biology from Cambridge. He has run G-SMATT Co. Ltd. since 2011. He previously ran a successful financial consultancy.

Casey Chang

Chief Executive Officer

Casey has over 17 years of equities, valuation, investment sales and banking experience between JP Morgan, Citi, and Goldman Sachs prior to establishing G-SMATT America. Besides earning a Business Administration degree from Seoul National University, including a year at University of Science and Technology Beijing, Casey has also backpacked across 34 countries in total between Europe, the Middle East, Asia, America and Australia/New Zealand, and speaks four languages fluently.

Casey moved from South Korea, with his wife and two sons, to establish G-SMATT America in Los Angeles in 2016, and the office officially opened in 2017. He welcomed his third son in 2017, the first born in the United States. Besides leading the best smart glass media technology in America, Casey spends his spare time drinking wine from unknown areas like Lebanon and Georgia, while listening to 90’s hip hop music.

Jae Young Choi

Chief Technology Officer

Jae has over 17 years of experience in architecture, construction, and project management in the US before joining G-SMATT.  Jae obtained a Bachelor of Engineering and Architecture from Korea University, a Master of Architecture from Texas A&M University, and a PhD of Philosophy, Human Environmental Sciences Architectural Studies from University of Missouri-Columbia. Jae and Rachel have established an Aggie-Longhorn truce for the greater good of transforming communities with G-Glass.

Jae’s wife works for Kakao, the preferred chat technology for G-SMATT. Jae considers himself a futurist, and enjoys wine, jazz, and the violin. Behind his friendly smile and quiet sophisticated business demeanor, Jae is consistently the last man standing at any social event, given his extensive training at College Station

Abe Choi

Warehouse Manager, Project Management & Technical Support Team

Abe has over 13 years of experience as a journeyman and over 3 years as an apprentice, so a combined 16 years of electrician experience. Abe’s primary role is to manage the warehouse, project logistics and installation, and customer service throughout a project. Abe is a man of few words but huge passion for his work. He spends his spare time with his wife and three sons, and enjoys all types of music including pop, rock, and retro.

Rick Jong

Senior Manager, Project Management & Technical Support Team

Rick has over 11 years of experience in logistics, operations, and construction. A licensed electrician, Rick leads the Tech Team, which is responsible for the successful execution of all G-Glass rental and permanent installation projects in the US. Rick has lived in Korea and Hawaii, and now lives in Glendale with his wife and two daughters. Although it could be said that he actually lives at the warehouse showroom with his roommates, the Tech Team. Rick’s talents include remaining calm under pressure, getting things done, and eating whole pickled hot peppers like candy.

Aileen Kim

Human Resources/Office Manager

Aileen graduated from UCSD with a BS in Biology. She has 5 years of experience in administration, accounting, and customer service. Since joining G-SMATT in 2017 as one of the first employees, Aileen has helped Casey build the team, set up the office, and establish policies for the company. This can often involve additional skills such as IT, Global HQ coordination, insurance, team management, procurement, and most importantly keeping the team organized, focused, and ready to execute with excellence.  Aileen is fluent in both Korean and English and often is the official translator for events, presentations, and corporate communications. Her nicknames include Control Tower, the Oracle, and Regulator.

Chris Kim

Assistant Warehouse Manager, Project Management & Technical Support Team

Chris, a certified welder, has over 19 years of experience between project management, customer service, logistics, equipment installation and repair, and electrical work. His primary responsibilities include managing the warehouse inventory and logistics, technical research and development, and project management. Never found without a tool or busy hands, Chris is usually hidden by equipment or inventory but can always be physically located by finding the largest smile in the room, or wherever there is humming or team laughter.

Rachel Lee

Director of Business Development

Rachel has over 15 years of experience in real estate acquisitions, underwriting, asset management, development, and investment strategy between PriceWaterhouseCoopers, CityView, Karlin Real Estate, and Rising Realty Partners. She started her consulting and investment company Kairos Asset Strategies, which provides immediate “disaster relief” and value-add services for real estate investments, including unique industries such as cannabis. She has a BBA in Business Honors/Accounting and an MPA in Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin.

Rachel met G-SMATT as their landlord when they signed a lease for the showroom in DTLA. Upon realization of how G-Glass technology will disrupt real estate investments and transform communities, Rachel quickly acclimated to strategize with Casey in leading their business development efforts. Rachel spends her spare time with her dog-child, Doc Jones, trending real estate sociology, and enjoys whiskey, steak, and cigars.

Daniel Yi

Electrical/Project Manager, Project Management & Technical Support Team

Daniel has over 8 years of experience in logistics, project management, safety protocol, and electrical installation. Daniel also researches and leads innovative software and hardware development for G-Glass in the US, often making technical recommendations to maximize the quality of display on G-Glass. His skills include trouble shooting any technical issues on site and ensuring the safety and successful installation for G-SMATT clients. Daniel has a wife and two kids, and his guilty pleasures include comic books and sweets.

Doc Jones

Chief Barketing Officer

Doc Jones (named for British writer Dr. Lloyd-Jones) had a tough history before joining Wags and Walks, where he was discovered and subsequently adopted. At G-SMATT, he is responsible for the culture, wellness, and happiness of the G-SMATT team. His roles include nudging employees for pet therapy belly rubs and encouraging walking breaks for those who are fixated on their laptop for long durations of time. He enjoys bringing squeaky toys at the most opportune moments, such as conference calls, and reminding everyone to be appreciative of life in the present.

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