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The Evolution of Glass Technology

G-SMATT (Group) is the exclusive creator and provider of G-SMATT Brilliant Glass - the unique innovative technological glass solution - combining commercial grade glass material/transparency, micro-LED lighting, and media content.

Design for buildings and public spaces are no longer restricted by choosing between transparent glass and LED lighting or media content. G-SMATT Brilliant Glass now provides an energy efficient smart glass that allows durability, transparency, full lighting, and interactive media capabilities – in one product. Owners, architects, and designers can now have an unrestricted canvas to freely create value by integrating technological art, media and interactive lighting without obstructing views. Enter your information below to get started.

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Micro-LED Technology

Brilliant Glass is 99.7% transparent due to the patented design of micro-LED technology embedded into construction grade glass. Customize your buildings with LED lighting and graphic design, even show full pixel motion picture quality projection, without compromising views. No more jail-like bar lights or lower quality pixelization. And go green by choosing transparent glass that allows natural light in and uses far less energy than LED screens with large cooling requirements.

Invest in Brilliance, Save on Repairs & Maintenance

Current LED light systems are attached to regular glass. The light systems are faulty, require constant maintenance due to full direct exposure to elements, and are dirty and hard to keep clean. Brilliant Glass embeds the micro-LED technology into the glass and seals them, so the system is protected. The only maintenance required is your normal window washing methodology.

G-SMATT Brilliant Glass

Clean with regular glass cleaner

Traditional LED Lights

No jail bars


No dirty corners & high maintenance

The Possibilities Are Endless

With an infinity canvas like Brilliant Glass, you can have interactive capabilities like motion, sound, and live projection of messages and art. Whether it’s the new high-rise downtown skyline, a different VIP room experience, or a truly community interactive metro station or park, you can now have digital art, advertising, motion picture screenings, and even public service messages delivered at the speed of a laptop. Combine your marketing, displays/communications, lighting, and window budgets into one long-lasting value at a fraction of the combined costs. G-SMATT offers content creation and/or access for your own content designers. Unlimited design, unlimited possibilities.

Schedule a customized presentation for your office, book an appointment to view the Showroom (in sunny Downtown Los Angeles), or request a call. Possibility starts now.

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